It is the hope of every parent that their children will live long, healthy and lives.  We hope for independence, happiness, social opportunities, self-awareness/self advocacy and health.

It is well known that there are some key indicators for young adults of the potential for being successful in life.  A few of these are:  community involvement and experience, work opportunities, self-help and independence skills, high parental expectations and support.   This applies whether your child has a diagnosis or not.

UFIT was born out of the belief that being healthy, fit and active are core to helping individuals feel good about themselves.  UFIT also believes that everyone deserves health and a level of fitness that enables them to enjoy life and to be healthy.

UFIT believes that:

  • You are UNIQUE and have unique interests, needs and abilities
  • You deserve to feel good and achieve a FITNESS level that enables you to do what you want in life without being overly fatigued
  • You deserve to be as INDEPENDENT as possible in achieving your health and fitness, and ultimately, your life goals
  • You deserve to have someone take the time to invest in you and TRAIN you to achieve the level of fitness and independence YOU desire
  • There is a place for you at UFIT, where we work together to help you become the best and healthiest YOU possible.