* All payments required prior to the session. Rates are subject to change in 2018!


A one on one personal training session to get started on your fit journey!

$45/ 60 min


Training for 3-4 people (maximum of one client with special needs)

$50/ 60 min

Group Fitness

A group fitness class. Check our schedule for upcoming classes!

$20/ 60 min

2017 Memberships


UFIT Annual membership- weekly training for 60 min. for a total of 48 session/yr., consultation and referrals on-going; (to be used in a 12 month period of time, allowances for special circumstances such as unforeseen, medical or health issues)

$1440 ($30/session)

6 Month

25 session punch card (must be used in a 6 month period).  Clients who enroll in the 6 month package must purchase the package in full prior to the first session.

$875 ($35/ session)

3 Month

15 individual training session (must be used within a 3 month period).  To receive the package price, payment needs to be made in full before the first session.  

$600 ($40/ session)

Unique Fitness Option

UFIT is available for off site training.  Biking, running, or other physical activity options.  $25-$40/hour

Everyone person is unique, and so are your training needs. We want to make sure the training sessions fit you! With UFIT your first session comes with a complimentary consultation. This consultation will determine:

  • Your Fitness Goals
  • Health History
  • Medical History
  • Initial Assessment
  • Tier Identification (level of support required)

We are dedicated to your success and to helping you achieve your goals!  We could not be more excited about joining you in this journey to the healthiest and fittest YOU possible!

Throughout my 24 year career as an Adapted Physical Education teacher, I have always been drawn to the non athlete, to the person who doesn’t like to exercise and to those with disabilities who need help in taking steps toward getting or staying fit

If you have a diagnosis of  autism, Down syndrome, PWS ,obesity, spinal bifida , depression  or any other diagnosis or disability  that you think keeps you from reaching your health and fitness goals, you are exactly the person I want to spend my time with!! 

It is my mission to help all clients achieve their goals. UFIT's focus is on providing training that addresses your unique physical, emotional, social and health needs. The training is focused on developmentally appropriate exercises that encompass functional fitness, play, recreation and physical fitness. Together we will have fun helping you be the best you possible!

Through a complete heath assessment, together we determine which type of training session fits your needs!

Follow the link below to access all of the resources you need to begin your journey with UFIT!