Make Fitness a Priority

I know from experience that it is hard to get and stay motivated to making fitness a way of life!  It is particularly difficult when the client is a person with a disability who may not understand or value the health benefits.  There are definitely a few things that have helped me and hopefully this will help you!

  1. Put it in the schedule! Just throwing it out there, “hey, let’s go workout!” may not cut it! I have seen many students over the years become consistent when an activity or exercise is a part of their routine.  Make it a habit.  We all know that once something is a part of our routine makes it more likely to happen!  I have a client who brings her kids to workout with her and it is just what the family does!  It works and all of them are benefiting from being together, doing something that improves their health and building a pattern of working out as what the family does!  Some of my non-verbal clients respond very well to a visual schedule that informs them of what they are doing and there is a sense of accomplishment when it is checked off.
  2. Tell them the value of it! Don’t assume they know. Also, don’t assume they can’t understand the benefits of an exercise if you were to tell them!  Less is more when talking, so don’t use more words than you need to.  Be literal and exact in your language.
  3. Set up family time together- that involves moving! Our community is full of great options for moving. It will be important that your kids see it is important if you want them to value it!
  4. Rewards!!! I love rewards! This can be as simple as buying a new workout outfit, buying new shoes, new headphones, getting some one-on-one time with you at a park! Food does not have to be the reward, but when it is, make it healthy!  Try drinking Axio rather than soda- the health benefits are incredible and it tastes better than water.
  5. Make the exercise appropriate for the level of fitness! Sometimes we think we have to start too rigorously with our programs. Ease into it.  I can help you set up a program that your child or young adult likes but has health benefits that are appropriate for them!  Even the best athletes had to start somewhere!  Let’s get started together!!

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